• BK2519


  • Fishing Rod
  • Long Shot Fishing
  • Total Length 260CM
  • Aluminum
  • Product description: BK2519 260cm length, with slingshot sport.
1.Focus to fly fishing ( shooting fish ,distance 30m)
2.Long shot fishing
3.Diving fishing fish nest
4.Near slingshot sport
5.With infrared appliance
6.With outside line equipment.
7.With missed rope protection

Kindly attention :
Safety Tips:
1.The fishing rod can’t target people,after pull out the power.
2.The product is only for adults with outdoor entertainment.
3.with safeguard glasses base on outdoor acitivty secuirty. the wire wheel stainless steel pressure pole first before shoot fly hook.
5.when shoot fly hook ( grass fish hook), please check the fish wire hang in the wire wheel.
6.With 4pcs tensile elastic latex tube.

Material :  The main rod used with rosewood, Aluminum,Plastic
Product structure:Patent Item
Specification:Total length : 260cm

Above multi-function with fishing,shoot fish,slingshot, so when you waiting for use in the traditional fishing pole fishing for fish bait can take the initiative to shooting fish floating in the water, also can shoot fish drive in the water , fish nest fishing ( feed), will be more funny when fishing. Also can shoot harmful birds and bandicoot.

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